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Due to resurging COVID-19 cases which consequently leads to strict social distancing protocol implementation all over Indonesia, 43rd ASMIUA Committee has decided to organize this event fully virtual. We fully realize several limitations that might occur, for instances, extra requirement regarding network and device, time differences, possible technical issues, lack of engagement, and etc. However, online meeting has the opportunity to assemble more people with vast amount of coverage efficiently and effectively. The participants are no longer be stressed about definitive expenditure, such as transportation, accommodation, etc. More importantly, the online meeting technology has grown so much that enable us to feel real-life conference atmosphere without leaving our comfortable home. That kind of feeling will be experienced, if you wish to participate in 43rs Virtual ASMIUA 2020.

We have arranged several aspects of online platform that mimic offline meeting activities quite identical. You are able to participate in lecture or webinar in our specially designed theatre, visit our sponsors' booth and interact with virtual booth staff in our exhibition hall, or review our scientific competition's participant posters in scientific hall. If you have any difficulties regarding our platform, there is an information desk that gladly help your needs or ask your questions. Don't forget to check your delegate bag to see our event's proceeding book. And at last, if you are determined enough, there are several door prize gifts waiting for you if you follow the instructions or guidance.

In the end, we have maximized our effort to bring this event into your computer screen. We hope, we can celebrate our annual event altogether amid COVID-19 situation today.




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